Walker Family Photos (A’Lelia Bundles’s Walker Family Archives)

Doing the research about the women in my family brings many incredibly serendipitous moments. Last fall out of the blue I received a call from a gentleman who had purchased these photos at an auction. My best guess is that they had been left behind in a dresser that once had belonged to my grandmother, Mae Walker Perry. I actually already had all of the photos except one, but it was lovely to know the universe is sending things my way.

The group of photos includes R. E. Mercer’s fantastic images of Walker beauty culturists at the 1924 convention at Villa Lewaro; Libert Lezama (one of the groomsmen in my grandmother’s 1923 wedding); my grandmother’s 1923 wedding photo from her marriage to her first husband, Dr. Gordon Jackson; A’Lelia Walker (my great-grandmother and daughter of Madam C.J. Walker); my uncle Walker Gordon (née Jackson) Perry, my grandmother’s child from her first marriage. I had never seen this baby photo of my uncle. He was a red-head and now I can see him as a toddler.