When you write for a living, you never know where your words will land. You always hope your messages will make a difference, but there’s no guarantee. Yesterday was one of those days that made it all worthwhile.

I’d heard earlier this year about the smart young sisters of Watoto from the Nile, who had challenged Lil Wayne to clean up his misogynistic act, but with so much Internet overload I’d never gotten around to viewing it. Imagine my surprise when my friend, Sonja Gracy, told me the “Letter to Lil Wayne” video includes a shout out to my book, On Her Own Ground: The Life and Times of Madam C. J. Walker.
I was just tickled to death when I saw the image of the book I’d spent so many years researching and writing pop up on the YouTube screen!
No lie, it truly made my day–maybe even my year–to learn that the young ladies of Watoto from the Nile might have drawn at least a little of the inspiration for their courageous retort to Lil Wayne from some of the stories I gathered for this biography of my great-great-grandmother.
Thanks Watoto from the Nile!